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ReadyFix ground spikes simplify any project involving posts that require secure footings by eliminating the necessity for digging holes and pouring concrete.
With ReadyFix, you can have your post installed in less than five minutes.

rapid post installation

Designed with a sturdy metal construction, our post spikes provide reliable support for your posts, ensuring they stay securely in place for years to come. The built-in ground plate offers added stability, making them suitable for use in various soil types.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, our hammer-in post spikes are the perfect solution for fast, hassle-free post installation. Say goodbye to hours of labor and hello to a simpler, more efficient way to get the job done.

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GroundGrip 600

100mm wide x 100mm deep x 600mm long

$ 45.00 

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GroundGrip 900

100mm wide x 100mm deep x 900mm long

$ 39.00 

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Happy Customers

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Our experience with the post spikes has been fantastic!

John Doe

CEO, ABC Company

The post spikes are incredibly durable and easy to use.

Jane Smith

Marketing Manager, XYZ Corp

We highly recommend the post spikes for any construction project.

David Johnson

Project Manager, 123 Inc

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ReadyFix hammer-in post spikes?

ReadyFix spikes are innovative ground spikes that allow you to install fence posts quickly and easily. Simply hammer them into the ground, eliminating the need for digging and concrete pouring.

Do I need any special tools to install post spikes?

No special tools are required for installation. However, a sledgehammer or mallet is typically used to drive the post spike into the ground securely.

Can I use post spikes for all types of soil?

While post spikes are versatile and can be used in various soil types, they may not be suitable for extremely rocky or compacted soil. It's essential to assess the soil conditions before installation.

How deep should I drive the post spike into the ground?

We recommend driving the post spike into the ground until the top plate is level with the surface. This ensures stability and proper installation of your post.